Every year on the first of May, several countries around the world celebrate Labor Day to remember the commitment and achievements of workers in the economic and social fields.

This day is synonymous with the remembrance of workers’ struggles to receive labor rights.

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The very first Labor Day dates back to September 5, 1882 in New York City during a parade organized by the Knights of Labor and Central Labor Union. In 1889, Labor Day was given its annual date of May 1st. In Italy, Labor Day became official in 1891, though it was a few years before it was officially recognized as the first of May.

This year, I’d like to offer alternative ways to celebrate the holiday.

We are still far from the summer season and still wait in anticipation for warm, sunny days. To meet the arrival of spring, let’s dress in floral prints.


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Or dress up in a pair of slim pants with a blouse or bright-colored shirt. Layer the look with a pastel jacket or blazer to keep warm. Not in the mood for a pair of heels? Slip into comfortable flats. Bright or neutral, it’s up to you. As for makeup, intense colors on the lips and light, glowy makeup on the eyes is simple and easy.

Ready to discover the beauty of Milan?

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If you’re looking for an artsy experience, start with events at museums or art exhibitions. For Disney lovers and eternal dreamers, the Triennale gardens display 20 statues of Mickey Mouse, representing the evolution of Disney’s most beloved character. Continue the day with avant-garde art forms at the Fabbrica del Vapore and finish off the art immersion with an open demonstration of Tahiji at Porta Venezia Gardens.

This year’s first of May isn’t only a celebration of Labour Day; it’s also the anniversary of Expo’s opening. To celebrate the 2015 exposition, a flash mob will take place at The Arch of Peace.


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Want to liven things up? The Glow is hosting a night of music, dancing and neon. If your clubbing days are long over and family life is more your thing, take your little ones to creative workshops at the Prada Foundation where taste and elegance combine.

And if you want a day for yourself, there is only one thing to do: Dress for yourself, explore the outdoors and enjoy a day of positivity, of relaxation, of idle thoughts. At least until tomorrow. At least for the first of May.


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