Since earlier this decade, the watchword for pants has been slim, a concept that has taken us into the trend of jeggings, a jeans-and-leggings combo. Though we’re not yet ready to say farewell to body-hugging pants, flared pants have been popping up lately, getting more success by the season.


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Thanks to their smooth lines and high waist, these pants are more indulgent. They’re universally flattering, from statuesque physiques to curvy types, and offer a boho-chic allure.


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There are so many flared pants options, from disco bottoms straight from the 70s to wide silhouettes that stop traffic. It’s easy to get flustered when introducing a new trend to your wardrobe. We’re sharing some easy, neutral ways to transition from slim fashion to a revolution that’s louder, wider and flared to perfection.



White is a go-to color to wear in higher temperatures and there’s nothing better to wear to a summer dinner with friends than these pants by Blukey. Add a silk blouse and a sweater tied over the shoulders for a carefree, feminine look.


Photo Credit: Blukey



Black is synonymous with elegance; if you go for black flared pants, wear them to work for a sleek and confident look. Whether you rock them at the office or in a business meeting, the result will be elegant, orderly and very refined. For a professional look, Maison Coné pants, characterized by simple lines and great accuracy, are perfect.


Photo Credit: Maison Coné



More informal settings call for denim, which offers the freedom to dress up or down. Flared jeans by 2W2M are lovely when worn with simple t-shirts for walks in the park, or floral blouses for happy hours with friends. They can even be paired with bright crop top to create a 70s-inspired outfit.


Photo Credit: 2W2M

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