Summer is well on its way, and many women are worried about the same problem: bloating.

Essentially, bloating is caused by problems with circulation. Water retention between muscle and fat leads to poor blood flow, which causes the uncomfortable, full feeling we’ve all experienced before. To say goodbye to bloating, all it takes is a few small steps to tend to the inside of our bodies. Let’s cut right to the chase with the most effective ways to prevent this aggravation! 


Clothing that Increases Blood Circulation

Silver Wave Pants

Thanks to their 3D wave knit fabric, these pants combat and prevent cellulite by exerting a gentle and effective micro-massage, while also toning the skin and stimulating circulation. Additionally, the bacteriostatic yarn with silver ions ensures the natural biological balance of the skin.

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Topical Treatments

Varico Gel

This gel instantly gives a feeling of smoothness to the legs. Besides bloating, it’s great for combating varicose veins and dilated capillaries. The combination of menthol and camphor provides an immediate cooling effect. Essential oils (peppermint, cypress, lavender, rosemary) synergistically stimulate the skin’s microcirculation. The fucoidans and laminarins, naturally present in the extracts of Laminaria and Fucus, decongest and improve the micro-lymphatic and blood circulation.

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Bio Slim System

This serum, which promotes microcirculation, visibly reduces the bloating in the legs. Thanks to centella asiatica, a component that also acts against cellulite, you will immediately see a visible improvement in blood circulation, which also might help reduce any feelings of tiredness and heaviness in the legs.


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Other tips:

Lukewarm Shower

One of the best remedies against bloating is to take a shower with lukewarm water, and gradually make the water cooler. This remedy alleviates bloating by stimulating blood circulation, but also makes the skin toned and the hair shiny.


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For those who have the opportunity, perhaps the most effective remedy is to have a massage at least once a week, choosing a lymphatic drainage massage. If you don’t have an hour and a half to spare – because if the massage lasted less, it would mean that it was not properly done – opt for a simple drainage massage.


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By now you are surely tired of hearing it, but you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day for a multitude of reasons useful to your health. One of the benefits of staying hydrated is reduced bloating.


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