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Like many 20something New Yorkers, brunch is a favorite pastime of mine. It was explained to me that “brunch” isn’t so much a concept for our Italian counterparts, so let me explain it in a nutshell: Brunch is a midday breakfast/lunch plus social activity that you go to with your girlfriends on the weekends. A little alcohol is involved. 

Brunch is serious business in NYC. And Queens Comfort in Astoria, Queens is the most serious of them all: They don’t take reservations, they don’t take credit cards and they don’t serve decaf. They’re also BYOB, so you can bring along a bottle of champagne if you so choose.


exteriorPhoto Credit: Queens Comfort Instagram


This place is popular because it’s a novelty. The interior has a sort of retro, sci-fi theme. Comic book posters and action figures line the walls. The ambiance is cool and upbeat, with a DJ spinning throwback 90’s music and an old movie playing via projector on the wall.

The menu is vaguely Southern-inspired with a healthy dose of comfort food, and is constantly being updated. We split two appetizers, a savory and a sweet. The doughnut of the day, provided by the nearby Donut Diva, was Carrot Cake, and it was truly perfect. The internet favorite Disco Tots did not disappoint: Tater tots with cheese and gravy. Holy moly.


ccdPhoto Credit: Queens Comfort Instagram


For an entree I got the Egg McRuffin, a fried egg with bechamel, cheddar cheese, and smoked bacon on an English muffin. The food here is outrageous. Outrageously bad for you and oh-so-good. 


oPhoto Credit: Yelp


All in all, a visual, auditory and delicious brunch experience.


Milan Experience

Taking inspiration from the U.S., the idea of brunch has gained popularity in Milan for couples and young people that aren’t content with the usual Sunday family dinner, but prefer to go out with friends and relatives. 

In a walkway along the Naviglio Pavese canal, where last summer saw the building of a new marina, there is a beautiful, picturesque restaurant called Erba Brusca.

The restaurant is nestled in the countryside around the Naviglio, just adjacent to the roads but still rural and scenic. After taking the place of famous club in Milan, L’Osteria del Tubetto, today Erba Brusca is located next to a vegetable garden filled with fresh food that is used to make the dishes they serve.

The interior is rustic and traditional, but the endless choice of wines and homey atmosphere makes the place familiar and cozy.


Photo Credit: Erba Brusca


What makes this restaurant special is not just its unique location, but the appeal of getting to pick right from the garden what you wish to eat. The food is fresh, tasty, and inviting to the both the taste buds and the eyes.



Photo Credit: TripAdvisor


Photo Credit: Erba Brusca


Photo Credit: TripAdvisor


A brunch that reminds you of the countryside, in a restaurant that maintains and preserves its own traditions, but isn’t afraid to experiment and try new dishes.

Erba Brusca serves lunch every day on brunch on Sundays, giving customers a chance to try new and tasty food, in addition to a cultural tradition.


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