The burger…America’s specialty. Although it’s up for debate, we might argue that New York serves the best of the best. In fact, there are so many truly impressive burger joints in the city that you could have a different satisfying patty for every day of the year, and then some. However, when deciding where to get your burger fix, all those options can be overwhelming. Have no fear, we’ve put together a list of the top burger spots to check out…and you can decide for yourself which one should take the crown. 


Umami Burger 

282725_122932307845090_472483967_nPhoto Credit: Dom’s Favorite Burgers


This “not-your-average-joe” burger joint is unique in all the best ways. Try one of their specialty burgers, such as the “Manly Burger” pictured above, with savory truffle fries. These perfect, mouth-watering combos put this elevated burger spot at the top of the list.




Photo Credit: SpoiledNYC


At Bareburger they offer one of New York’s most tasty and fresh organic burgers. With plenty of non-traditional toppings, plus the grass-fed patty selection such as boar, elk and ostrich, you can leave with a new satisfying experience every time… and guilt free!


The Counter

Photo Credit: The Franchise Help


This high concept, cutting edge burger chain gives you all the control when it comes to creating the perfect burger. Once you’re seated, you receive a little form where you build your own burger with various toppings and flavorful sauces of your choice. Plus, you can even customize your milkshake. 



Black Tap

Photo Credit: Tabe Log


To conclude this list, we couldn’t discuss New York burger joints without mentioning the recently famous Black Tap Burger that is taking social media by storm. The burgers are gourmet, but it’s the milkshakes that are taking things up a notch…or 10. The cotton candy milkshake pictured on the far left below seems to have been conceived in a magical candy land. 


Photo Credit: ABC News


When it comes to the battle for the best burger in NYC you can’t really go wrong. In the end, we’re all winners. 

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