Do you think that he is sitting around wondering and worrying if he is being too mean?

As a love coach, I receive a lot of requests for help. Even though all love stories are unique, there are certain similar problems that pop up again and again. For this reason, my advice for the week is this: Do not be afraid!

Almost all the people who contact me are afraid of something: afraid of losing him, afraid of the relationship ending, afraid to fail and most importantly, afraid of suffering. They fear being wrong, and making the wrong move. Fear is something that paralyzes people and can be tremendously powerful. Keep this in mind: To have a successful relationship, you have to be at your best.

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Seriously girls, it’s essential that men are not absolutely assured of your interest. If they know that you are desperate for them, they will be completely turned off. 

If I tell you not to reply to a message, decline an invitation or be vague if he asks something very personal, don’t be fearful that you will offend him. Think of all the hours you’ve spent staring at a phone that did not ring… tit for tat! I’ve never met a men that ceased being interested in somebody simply because she didn’t immediately answer his message. Let him wait a minute! 

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