Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s a classic dessert, a part of everyone’s diet! However, as the desire to eat better sweeps mainstream culture, and the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle dominates the news and media, our beloved chocolate can get a bad rep. Just when we thought chocolate was about to get the axe from our diet, Grezzo Raw Chocolate has come up with the solution!


Photo Credit: Grezzo Raw Chocolate Instagram


In the heart of Rome, Nicola Salvi and Vito Cortese opened their store with the intent to spread the art of confectionery and healthy, raw, vegan food to improve the quality of life.

Their unique project is admirable when you consider the amount of processed chemicals that dominate the food industry these days. To fulfill their goal, the two Italian confectioners sought to only use raw ingredients, including chocolate– also known as a superfood.


Grezzo InstaPhoto Credit: Grezzo Raw Chocolate Instagram


At Grezzo Raw Chocolate, you don’t have to give up the taste of chocolate ice cream or a slice of cake while maintaining your healthy lifestyle. In fact, they have completely eliminated all flour and refined ingredients from their recipes, including ingredients made by chemical processing.

However, don’t be fooled by the lack of added sugar… Raw is not synonymous with tasteless!

Instead, eating food without chemicals (and that hasn’t been baked) allows us to truly savor the taste and provides the added benefit of satisfaction of doing something good for our bodies. You don’t have to sacrifice your sweet tooth, nor that happy feeling that chocolate gives you.


Photo Credit: Pasticceria Grezzo


Grezzo Raw Chocolate is waiting for you in Rome, open all day, every day from breakfast until dinner, so you can taste the delicious desserts made by hand in respect of the body. And if you are not in Rome, don’t despair. The store’s website allows you to not only do some healthy dessert shopping, but also browse recipes and even sign up for pastry courses led by two excellent Italian vegan chefs.

Our carts are full and our mouths are watering. Buon appetito!

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