From hole-in-the-wall hideaways to blowing up on BuzzFeed, StyleBlend Mag is searching far and wide to bring you the best locations in NYC and Milan. Each week, U.S. Editor Alana and Italian contributor Chiara will scout out the most enticing eats and places to play in their respective cities. This adventure is intended not only to unearth the hidden gems in our own hometowns, but to explore the lifestyle differences between our two cultures. Let’s dig in.


The NYC Experience

This is Alana, your U.S. Editor here, ready to branch out of my favorite local spots in NYC to find you the best food, drinks, and anything else that inspires! In honor of the Italian Aperitivo– a cultural tradition that I am fully in favor of, I might add– I visited Obica in Flatiron for an after work drink.


Obica outsidePhoto Credit: Walk About NY


Touted as a “Mozzarella Bar, Pizza, e Cucina”, Obica is a sleek space: The walls are painted a dark gray, and the smooth wooden tabletops are lined with perfectly polished wine glasses, creating a linear effect that looks like glass rows of teeth. Sophisticated but unpretentious, the suits come here after the business day to clink glasses and socialize.


obica-ny-flatironPhoto Credit: Trip Advisor

As a person who would subsist on a diet of wine and cheese alone given the opportunity, I was in heaven here. For wine, I chose a Sicilian white. It was perfect: light and crisp with a hint of sweetness. I ordered the Burrata al Tartufo, creamy and fresh with black truffle, and it was easily the best burrata I’ve ever had. My partner and I split the Funghi Porcini Pizza as a main course. It came with porcini mushrooms, quadrello di bufala and black pepper. It was truly delicious, but in all honestly the burrata was the star of the show. I could have had 2 more and called it a dinner.


eatsrev1f-6-webPhoto Credit: Bryan Smith via NY Daily News


In short, Obica was a perfect place to unwind after the busy work day. If the apertitivo isn’t yet a cultural tradition here, us New Yorkers must take it upon ourselves to make it a habit!


The Milan Experience

Coming to you from the other side of the world, directly from Milan, let me tell you about a great little place for the Aperitivo. While you are walking through the historic city center, stop for a glass of wine at Deseo, one of the most famous places to enjoy happy hour in the city!


Photo Credit: Deseo 


The peculiarity of the place, in addition to its elaborate and delicious cocktails, is what attracts young tourists and business people who, after a long day at the office, love to relax, chat and eat.


Photo Credit: Deseo


Plates full of vegetables, meat, cheese, cold cuts, pasta…this is the Apertitivo at Deseo. It’s a real treat!


Photo Credit: Deseo


Creativity, refinement and good taste are the elements are what you will experience at this place. Don’t try to resist to one of their fantastic cocktails made with Amaretto…. I promise you won’t feel guilty for not following your diet!

Make a toast…and Buon Aperitivo!


This week’s Italian contribution by Giulia Catani

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