When my granny was of marriageable age, phones barely existed, and she and my grandpa, who were neighbors, communicated by gesturing to each other through the window. When my mum was of marriageable age, there was only one landline in her home, and any guy calling for her had to get through her father first.  

Today, we live in a different world. The concept of ‘the marriageable age” is out the window, and you can communicate with anyone in the world anytime, anywhere.

Every day, I receive emails from girls who met their Mr. Right on social media, and need advice on how to land him. For the first edition of my weekly column, here are my 5 tips to succeed in love on social networks!


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1. Open your eyes!

The beauty of apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is that, unlike the old text messages, you can see the entire chat history. These developments can be very useful, but the rules on how to communicate have changed dramatically. Keeping an air of mystery becomes much more difficult, but also much more necessary, than in the past.

Look over your chat history to make sure you’re headed in the right direction! If you notice that the millions of messages you sent throughout the day, are met with far less answers, then it’s time to disappear for a few days.


2. Convey the information you want to be seen

In a world where one is constantly connected, to disappear can become an impossible task. However, each coin has two sides, and in this way social media can be used to our advantage. If he expects you to be at home worrying about what he’s doing, post a pic of you and your friends all dressed up. He’ll never know what you’re doing that night, even if it’s simply spending the night watching Netflix.


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3. Bring the virtual world into the real one

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram really are fabulous tools to get out and meet new people. Think of these apps as a kind of virtual bar, where you can meet new people, even a potential love match. However, don’t get confused. Before falling in love with somebody, make sure that the relationship has a shot of continuing in the real world. If you live in New York and have a connection with a cutie from Boston, things could become complicated. 


4. Don’t live for social networks

If you want to make a good impression on a potential match, it’s important that you’re not constantly connected. There is nothing worse than seeing a grown woman with the phone attached to her hand all the time! Not all evil comes to harm us, and if we learn to use social networks in the right way, they can be our ally in our fight for love.



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5. Take note of the likes

Among the questions I hear most often is, “He liked a picture, what does that mean?” There are two potential answers: He truly liked what you posted, or, and this is what happens more often, he wanted to make sure you’re still thinking about him! So, then what? Well… go ahead and test the waters, start a conversation!

If used properly, social media can assist you in your new budding relationship. Good luck! 

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