April is the month of Aries and Taurus, two zodiac signs that differ quite a bit in the elements that define them. Aries is a Fire sign, represented by a strong and vital energy, while Taurus is an Earth sign, characterized by rigorous pragmatism and a tactile physical energy.

Both of them, in their own way, are strong and independent signs that are not always understood by the people around them. Let’s focus on Aries, as they take up the majority of the month, and look into which other Zodiac signs they are most compatible with:


Aries – Aries



Two people born under the sign of Aries will be able to enjoy some of the best nights of their life… and some of the most volatile fights, as well. To achieve a solid and lasting affair, they need a strong, deep-rooted relationship. Otherwise, it might be better to choose a more compatible sign.

Compatibility 3/5



Aries – Taurus 



Both signs are very passionate, but their initial strong attraction is destined to finish before it begins, because of Taurus’ slowness and Aries’ unpredictability.

Compatibility 1/5




Aries – Gemini 



Both are playful signs who approach life with a sense of fun. If Gemini can overcome their inattention and Aries their impulsiveness, the chances are high of having a happy and lasting relationship.

Compatbility 4/5




Aries – Cancer



Even after an amorous beginning, an Aries and Cancer relationship won’t last long, as Cancer’s suffocating tenderness won’t bode well with the Aries’ impatience.

Compatibility 0/5




Aries – Leo 



These two fire signs are practically perfect for each in every way, only if each agrees to share the spotlight with the other.

Compatibility 5/5




Aries – Virgo 



If at first the relationship is love and harmony, thanks to the peaceful Virgo mind and the fun Aries attitude, the balance is likely to falter due to differing philosophies, such as the managing of finances.

Compatibility 3/5



Aries – Libra



The calm and balanced Virgo will be able to tolerate the Aries’ tantrums as few other signs are able to do. In this case, there are high chances of a long and happy relationship.

Compatibility 5/5




Aries – Scorpio 



The Aries and Scorpio case has two diametrically opposed possibilities. They can have a harmonious relationship thanks to a similar energy that characterizes both, be driven to break up because each wants their own way.

Compatibilità 4/5



Aries – Sagittarius



The Sagittarius’ intelligence and taste for adventure will likely be very stimulating to the Aries, who might discover a quiet side of themselves that combats their constant need for attention.

Compatibility 5/5




Aries – Capricorn



The passionate Aries paired with the more aloof Capricorn does not a match make. There is a chance of success if the Aries can reach the Capricorn with their overwhelming romantic affection.

Compatibility 2/5




Aries – Aquarius



There are probably no two signs less compatible. The Aquarius will stay perpetually offended by Aries sense of humor, while the Aries goes mad with jealousy over the Aquarius’ free spirit.

Compatibility 0/5




Aries – Pisces



Aries and Pisces are a match made in heaven. Both being very free with their emotions, they will find a perfect balance in the bedroom and  in everyday life too.

Compatibility 5/5

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