There is an Italian expression that means “April is the month of sweet sleep.” We don’t disagree, however, those who are asleep this month will miss a lot of good things! If you live in Rome, or happen to be there on vacation during April, we have a few suggestions to help keep you awake:


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The first week of April is jam-packed with events. Two exhibitions that can’t be missed include Bimbi in Fiera (“Kids at the Fair”), a fair for families with young kids to meet and socialize, and Mediterranean Winner Show, a cat show and contest. You can visit both at the Rome Fair.

We would be remiss not to mention the highly-anticipated festival of comic books, action movies and video games. A wildly popular festival, thousands of people visit Romics every year to see workshops, meet celebrities and engage in Cosplay. The event is always at the same location, the Rome Fair, from April 7 to 10.


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If you love good food and have a sweet tooth, the Tiramisu Festival is for you. Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th in Libetta Village, you can taste Italian and local specialties and vote for your favorite tiramisu. A seratonin boost is guaranteed!


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The last week of April, however, marks an important event for all fashion addicted: the opening of the Victoria’s Secret store inside the big Roma Termini train station. The date is not set yet, but keep an eye on the official website, because we are sure that this will be an opening not to be missed.


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Now that you’ve marked your calendar, let’s see the best of what the capital has to offer!


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