Gianlisa is an Italian brand that was born among the hills of Tuscany, with the ancient tradition of craftsmanship in mind. Elisa Brasca, the founder, is half Parisian and half Italian. She studied in Paris for half of her life, taking training and inspiration from the chic Parisian style, eventually working with such brands as Dior and Lancel. As she worked her way up the ladder, she gained invaluable experience training her eye for precision and her mind for design.
And with this foundation set, in 2010 she founded her own fashion house, Gianlisa.


Photo Credit: Anita Mini Buren Black & Blue, Gianlisa


Exclusive style and accessible luxury: These words reflect the vision of the founder, who wants to share with the world the same sophistication that she had the chance to admire. Each purse is crafted with every detail in mind, from the source of the materials to the quality of the finish. Elisa uses her friends as source of inspiration; she designs bags for women who want the perfect accessory to add to their already chic style.


Photo Credit: Anita Mini Glossy Nude, Gianlisa


The collection reflects a blend between the Milanese woman, who always aims for accuracy and excellence, and the Parisian woman, who is fashion forward and mindful of details, but with a free spirit. The brand has dubbed their style Rockmantique. These purses are a symbol of grandeur with a unique additional quality: versatility.


Photo Credit: Anita Mini Folk Cognac, Gianlisa


The woman that chooses to wear a Gianlisa purse embodies a lifestyle that has a philosophy of power and class. Each purse is precisely designed down to the last detail, and is made of leather that is handcrafted by expert artisans. The entire production takes place near Florence.


Photo Credit: My Mama Bag Marine Blue, Gianlisa 


The personalized touch that really makes these small masterpieces stand out is the closure button, painted a bright and shining shade gold. The collection’s palette is bright and vibrant, with colors that resemble shining, sumptuous lipsticks. 

Gianlisa is also coming out with another collection, called the Mama Project, a line of softer bags designed for new moms and their babies. These trendy bags are perfect for a mom who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort as she introduces her little one to the world.


Photo Credit: My Mama Bag Powder Pink, Gianlisa


For us women, purses are like diamonds: you can never have too many! 

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