It’s been a while since the corset was the breakout trend of the season, and yet we still find ourselves returning to this underwear as outerwear trend time and time again. The corset has a rather edgy reputation– you have probably seen enough photos of celebrities parading around wearing their bra as a shirt– but this style also lends itself to ready-to wear street style.

Be it for its seventeenth-century charm, or perhaps its association with swashbuckling pirate fashion, the corset has incredible staying power, beloved by designers the world over. The modern and and edgy brand Corset Story has several fantastic options to incorporate this fashion staple into your wardrobe. 


Romantic Night Out 

For a romantic dinner with your man, the goal is to balance sensuality and elegance; look into a corset sheath dress. Pair with classic black shoes, an elegant blazer and an extra long camel coat for the right effect.


Photo Credit: Corset Story


At the Club With Your Girls

A night out with friends is a whole different game, because you can let a little more of your sensuality, especially if you are single and looking to mingle. However, proceed with caution: bad taste never rains, it pours. We recommend a gold bustier with a simple pair of black flared pants. Pairing the corset with more modest pieces will stop the whole look from becoming overtly sexual, and add an elegance that will not go unnoticed. To complete your look, choose a small jeweled clutch.


Photo Credit: Corset Story

Aperitivo Time

Aperitivo is the Italian version of an after-work happy hour, a time of day enjoyed throughout Italy–  especially in Milan, where it has become an essential habit. Oftentimes it turns into a night out without going home first, and so attending the aperitivo with a corset may be the solution to avoid being caught unprepared. This saucy perforated model in leather is the perfect choice.


Photo Credit: Corset Story


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