Remember back in the early 2000s, when fashion magazines were all about “mix and match” style? Picture Sex and the City icon Carrie Bradshaw with her eclectic and fashion-forward ensembles. This kind of style seemed edgy and out there for normal daywear, but now the tide has turned. These days you see people wearing things like sequins at the office, pairing long skirts with sneakers, leather jackets with floral dresses, and so on.

Pairing together seemingly unrelated pieces and being a bit more daring has become not just socially acceptable, but trendy. There is a gradual transformation in what we are willing to try. Adding extravagant jewelry and accessories to our daywear can help us express our creativity. Hippie chic or neofolk inspired jewelry, which are the result of the evolution of ethnic fashion (and also associated with Western 60’s and 70’s fashion), can help make a strong statement. 


accessori-estate-2916-1Photo Credit: Amicuore


Photo Credit: Amicuore


This inspiration for hippie chic fashion comes from such beautiful places as Mexico, Ibiza, Peru, Mongolia and India, where fashion designers and artisans make things by hand, giving each unique piece value. Then, tourists and travelers come and purchase these items, and feel that they have something special and exclusive to bring home. Thus, the culture spreads. 


ePhoto Credit: Amicuore

Fringes, bright prints, pom poms, straw, beads and fabric flowers make up the collections of Amicuore. They make dresses, jean jackets, costume jewelry, backpacks and more. Soft fabrics such as silk, chiffon and linen are embroidered and decorated in rich detail to create sensational, individual products that stand out for their handmade aesthetic.

This brand sends your imagination toward old, mountainous villages of Asia and South America. The collection reminds us how beautiful the ancient art of embroidery is with its intricate detailing, colorful prints, and festive decoration.


Photo Credit: Amicuore


What is expressed in Amicuore’s designs is an appreciation for multicultural folklore. The brands motto is, “ All things bright are on the happy side.” If this is true, then Amicuore is bound to bring some positive energy into your life! 


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