When the door opens, it’s like a portal to a magical otherworld. Colorful billboards line the walls as the crowd rushes down the corridor to get to the entrance first. Step through the threshold and you are in the most important fair in the world of beauty: Cosmoprof, the Paradise of Beauty!

Cosmoprof is a dream for the makeup-addicted and beauty buffs. But be careful, because the whole affair can seriously dent your wallet. Indeed, a serious cosmetics junkie at Cosmoprof for the first time runs the risk of going totally crazy once unleashed upon booth after booth of new, exciting products. Even a seasoned goer can get carried away. We attended the 2016 event and had a blast, and next year we promise a real survival handbook!


Photo Credit: Arkea


The first pavilion saw a huge crowd surrounding a demonstration by Balmain Paris, a company dedicated to “hair couture” extensions, a licensed offshoot of the famous Paris Fashion House Balmain. Their seasoned stylists were showing off their skills on a few lucky patrons.

One of our favorite sections was an area completely dedicated to organic and vegan products, everything from makeup to body care and hair care. One of highlights was Biofficina Toscana, a company that produces a line of cosmetics not tested on animals that uses exclusively Tuscan raw materials.


995373_846308772164233_8511650374150126777_nPhoto Credit: Sabina Petrazzuolo, Biofficina Toscana 


If you kept on walking, you found yourself in a sea of booths full of cosmetics brands offering newly-released makeup, including some really interesting and avant-garde products. Want to try something totally different? Paperself is a London company that produces artistic false eyelashes and temporary body tattoos.


Photo Credit: Paperself


How could we not mention Bomb Cosmetics? It’s a British company specializing in products for body care, but also produces home fragrances and candles, all natural and 100% vegan. With Bomb you can indulge in a relaxing hot bath, surrounded oils and sweetly-scented cupcake-shaped soaps .


 WBomb Cosmetics Photo Credit: Sabina Petrazzuolo


Every year, Cosmoprof brings us the best and most exciting releases in the land of makeup. We can’t get enough, and are already looking forward to next year’s. Come along, you will thank us. See you next year! 

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