A well-designed shoe should have the power to make a woman feel like a princess. Think about it, all of the best fairy tales star a woman in magic shoes. Picture Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, or the glass slipper left behind by Cinderella that led the prince to find her.


Vera-PumpsPhoto Credit: Couture Pamela Quinzi


Even if we are not starring in our own Disney movie, we can walk in special shoes that make us feel the magic, like the ones by the Italian designer Pamela Quinzi. We just need to use our imagination.


Desiree-Pumps-e1393674758875Photo Credit: Bridal Pamela Quinzi


Exceptional shoes don’t need to be able to transport you through time or be given to you by a fairy godmother. Quinzi’s extravagant designs are full of bright colors and decorated with lace, rhinestones, jewels and flowers, each precious shoe unique and special. 


pamelaquinzi.Photo Credit: Couture Pamela Quinzi

You will notice that within each pair, the two halves are not identical. Quinzi exercises artistic license, and doesn’t adhere to traditional rules. Her collection is wholly independent from seasonal trends, made to amaze and amuse, to please and be noticed. She divided her inventory into 4 parts: Fashion, Couture, Bridal, Sneakers and Flats. She also offers select decorated clutches and embellished necklaces to complete her line.


Olli-BootsPhoto Credit: Pamela Quinzi


Pamela comes from a background in styling. After studying in Italy, she flew to New York to chase the American dream, and to become a designer of fashion that pays homage to her Italian heritage. 


Lisa-ClutchPhoto Credit: Pamela Quinzi

The Big Apple has embraced Pamela, as she recently showed her collection at New York Fashion Week. She rose to the challenge, and her accessories collection was received with great success by the industry. 


IMG_9656Photo Credit: Pamela Quinzi


In Quinzi’s designs, New York energy and Italian fashion find a perfect balance. These shoes forgo convention and tradition and are made with love and imagination. They represent a dream, and dreams should be cherished. After all, every woman should feel like the star of her own fairy tale.


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