When it comes arm candy, only time can tell the current trends. Calabritto28, an Italian watch brand that offers options to mix up your time-telling style, believes in eclectic looks and vibrant personalities. Watch faces and straps are sold separately, providing fashion freedom for all.

The vision of this up-and-coming brand is that our style is unique and ever-changing, thus an even better reason to sport accessories that let us switch up the rules of fashion. We’ve paired some of our favorite faces with straps for a seamless look and killer confidence.


Calabritto28 1Photo Credit: Blu38 watch and Adele watchstrap, Calabritto28

For the urban chick who’s on the go but still lives for standing out, this blue-on-blue combo goes with anything. Want to layer on the blue denim? Go for it. Looking for a stunning, simple focal point? Let the watch take the spotlight by dressing head to toe in all black.


Calabritto28 2Photo Credit: Gold Brill watch and Nina watchstrap, Calabritto28


Feeling edgy but looking to complement your floral outfit or stack of bangles? This gold number is feminine, chic and works for a day-to-night wardrobe. Whether you’re headed to an interview or on your way to have drinks with girlfriends, it’s a top contender for any occasion.


Calabritto28 3Photo Credit: Quadrante Nero 38 watch and Carafa watchstrap, Calabritto28


Dare to seek unique patterns! From the office to brunch with the girlfriends, this all-black duo is subtle and sexy. Playful lines go perfectly with the monochromatic look. If you’re starting to feel a little bored with what’s in your closet, this combo is the perfect way to make a statement.

This season, choose a watch that gives you what you’re looking for: style, practicality and, most of all, a timeless sense of self. Embrace fashion that can change as often as you do.

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