Deep-colored jewels, ornate shapes and grand pendants make up the collection of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare. The designers of this Italian jewelry brand, Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti, fearlessly use a wide range of materials to create the stunning designs. From Japanese pearls to natural stones, the two designers have no limit to their creativity and originality.




Bright, bold and inspired by the Art Deco style, the necklaces, bracelets and rings can stand on their own. Lively and eye-catching, yet far from flashy and gaudy: That’s the kind of jewelry anyone would be eager to wear. The jewelry of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare is constructed in a laboratory in Italy, using precious corals, jade, jets, gold, diamonds and more. 

Rosita Gioielli d’Amare has been praised for their masterful work by a number of publications. Among the kind words from the critics, one thing is certain: The jewelry remains true to the brand by embracing individuality of the wearer over trends bound to fade in time.


Photo Credit: Rosita Gioielli d’Amare


The wearer of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare achieves a unique sort of confidence from adorning an accessory from this collection. Just as unique as the creative minds behind the designs, the jewelry is just as much about the process of creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces as it is about looking beautiful.


Article written by Regina Vilenskaya

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