On Friday, March 11th, the best jewelry designers that NYC has to offer came together in a pop-up shop to showcase their latest collections, and offer to the public the opportunity to learn about what’s trending in the world of jewelry and accessories.

The event, organized by the designers themselves, took place in a cozy little shop in Soho and was attended by designers like Dana Bronfman, Jaqueline Barbosa for GBGH, Elizabeth Solomeina, Katie Lares and Beau H. Rhee for Atelier de Geste. StyleBlend Mag was there to meet the designers and scope out what’s trending.


GBGHPhoto Credit: Arman Bappy
GBGHPhoto Credit: Arman Bappy 


The collections, each totally unique in style and form, were the real stars of the event. Jaqueline Barbosa, a Brazilian designer, showed a collection of gold and copper that was inspired from elements of nature. The interweaving of metals create abstract shapes that give the pieces an artistic touch.


Dana BronfmanPhoto Credit: Arman Bappy 


Refinement and clean lines are what designer Dana Bronfman strives for in his work. Gold, silver and mixed metals are used to give precise shapes to bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


Katie LaresPhoto Credit: Arman Bappy


In addition to jewelry containing precious stones, also trending in the New York fashion world is handmade, artisanal accessories and clothes made from eco-friendly fabrics and fine silks. The aesthetic is festive and fun. The colored pom-poms keychains, shown above from the collections of Katie Lares, perfectly match the rest of the collection, including fur handbags and clutches.

Also worth a mention is the clothing collection of Atelier De Geste, who combines elegance and geometry with the use of silk and pastel colors.

New York City is the creative hub of designers from all over the world, you never know who or what will be the next big thing!



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