Stefania Caramanna, the voice behind Caramanna Jewelry, knows a thing or two about creating jewelry that’s more than just pearls and stones attached to metal. A background in architecture and design, as well as a family history of jewelry making, lends to Stefania’s creative genius. Subjects that create intrigue take decorative form around gold, silver and bronze shapes. It’s hard not to feel like you’re on top of the world when wearing jewelry so original and architecturally profound.




Caramanna features handmade collections inspired by animals and nature, from dragonflies and snakes to trees and fantasy-inspired figures. Mediterranean colors and themes are matched with precious stones to create bracelets, rings and necklaces that can be worn with your favorite jeans and a white tee or paired with neutral, timeless pieces for a seamless look.

Based in Naples, Caramanna Jewelry borrows from the Neapolitan tradition of craftsmanship, combining design and architectural skills with a trendy, youthful and modern blend. The jewelry is attention-grabbing without being gawdy; large and loud without being overwhelming and overpowering.




Jewelry is a simple thing to love; down-to-earth jewelry that’s driven by time and passion is even simpler to adore. The thought-out designs of Caramanna Jewelry turns the otherwise simple, everyday objects and innovative designs into beloved decoration.

Article written by Regina Vilenskaya

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