Spring: The season for rebirth and discovery. Flowers begin to bloom under the first warm rays of the sun, and our skin experiences a renewal, as well. During the winter we put extra care into protecting our skin from the cold, nourishing and moisturizing it daily. Now, all of our hard work pays off as we embrace the warm weather. 

However, we shouldn’t cast aside all the discipline we learned over the long winter months. It’s important to stay dedicated to your skin’s health, to keep it looking pure and clean.

Cosmetics companies are constantly inventing new products to meet your needs, including formulas for every type of skin. These days, natural products are becoming increasing popular, with a whole slice of the market dedicated to skincare that is good for you and for the earth.

Josie Maran has designed a three-product regimen for every day to keep your skin healthy and happy.


ArganOil__99433.1383078449.238.238Photo Credit: Josie Maran

This 100% pure argan oil is made from natural ingredients that hydrate and balance the PH of the skin, making it soft to the touch.

Enriched with vitamin E and essential oils, this is the perfect ally for women who want to look fresh and sunny all day.


InfinityCream__79071.1383080768.1000.1000Photo Credit: Josie Maran


This lotion enriched with argan oil is the perfect combination of moisturizer and makeup. With a very light foundation base, this solution will keep you covered and balanced.


jumbo_milk__22456.1453150930.1000.1000Photo Credit: Josie Maran


For the evening, in order to maintain the glow we achieved during the day, Josie Maran proposes a serum based on natural milk, a product enriched with argan oil that promises to reinvigorate even the most dehydrated skin. A little goes a long way, as you will need just 3 drops of this product for an instant and natural effect.  

To maintain fresh and youthful skin, pre-makeup care is not the only regimen that counts. Fresh Cosmetics, a brand that make products from natural soy, has you covered.


H00000002_490Photo Credit: Fresh


Becca Cosmetics has a light water-based foundation that gives a natural effect and is easy to blend.


becca-aqua-luminous-perfecting-foundation-dropper_1Photo Credit: Becca Cosmetics 


If you skin is looking tired, you can lay a foundation one shader lighter than your color for a subtle brightness. If you are concealing the dark circles under your eyes, you must apply makeup following your expression lines, otherwise you run the risk of accentuating them! These quick fixes can really save the day.

It’s up to us to love and take care of our skin. Start by implementing a quality regimen now, and your skin will thank you all your life! 

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