Miki Gold sounds like the name of some fabulous pop or rap star but, really, the cool moniker stands for luxurious jewelry, handcrafted in Naples, Italy, using the ancient Tuboga technique.



Each Miki Gold piece is a small masterpiece, a work of art that starts as a sketch from the hands of talented founder Pasquale Cafiero, a goldsmith who learned under the tutelage of award-winning Italian designer Pippo Perez. Perez’s family of jewelers dates all the way back to the 15th century, and his father, Gianni, famously made Marilyn Monroe’s engagement ring, commissioned by Joe Di Maggio, as well as a present for screen siren Sophia Loren from leading man Clark Gable. Dreamy, right?

But back to Cafiero. His sketches take form with gold, silver, precious stones and metal, a melding of his creative mind and the unique specifications of his customers to create nonpareil pieces. Miki Gold’s signature handmade approach relies on the ancient, elegant and labor-intensive Tuboga (gas pipe) technique, a way of metalworking that has been around since Roman times. Miki Gold describes this as two metal sheets that are stacked and then wound around cylinders to create a sleek tubular shape. Clients can choose the metal and have their requests embellished with whatever precious stones they select.


Miki Gold Glamour
Photo Credit: A ring from the Glamour collection, Miki Gold

The collection features luxurious earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets — some thick and bold, others more delicate, but all featuring the ancient Tuboga motif. There’s Charm, Glamour, Vintage and Luxury – each collection equally glamorous and beautiful, but Vintage looks like the pieces hail straight from a beauty’s jewelry chest in Ancient Rome, with focal elements that look like old coins.


A4516922Photo Credit: A bracelet from the Vintage collection, Miki Gold


The Luxury collection, in comparison, is more contemporary, with little hearts, moons, stars and flowers. They all, however, exude a timeless air of handcrafted luxury.


A4516782Photo Credit: Rings from the Luxury collection, Miki Gold


We would love to cooperate with Pasquale Cafiero’s creative genius to design a perfectly tailored piece of jewelry art, fit for ancient royalty or the hands of a movie star. Maybe we need to send our significant other to Naples. Hint, hint.

Article written by Sylvie Greil

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