What do you think of when you picture lace? Perhaps a cocktail or wedding dress comes to mind, or maybe a kind of fabric to be found in your home, such as curtains. But, have you ever imagined that you can wear lace as jewelry?

The Italian brand Nainco, has the right formula to make beautiful jewelry from detailed embroidery, creating lovely collections of delicate rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.



The production involves a special procedure, where cotton lace is soaked in copper, silver and 18-karat gold, revealing magnificent and elegant designs, perfect in every detail.




Simplicity and detailing are the two adjectives that characterize Nainco, whose products are the result of creative and meticulous handmade work .

Besides lace, Nainco uses leaves and flowers for its collections, which are also immersed in liquid gold and silver, transforming the nature into precious jewels.

A combination of nature and glamour, Nainco is the way to the way to exquisite, handmade elegance.

Article written by Giulia Catani


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