March 9th, 2016 marks a big day for women and little girls around the country. It will be the 57th birthday of America’s Sweetheart, Barbie. This beloved feminine icon was by our side through childhood and into young adulthood, introducing us to fashion, boys (Hello, Ken), and learning how to save money at a young age… as many of us girls were saving our allowances to buy Barbie dolls! Barbie is who young girls dream to be when they grow up. This special doll holds a place in the hearts of women who have fond memories of their former Barbie collections.

In honor of Barbie’s birthday, we are featuring some of her best looks through the years. As you can see, she is aging with grace! Enjoy our Barbie lookbook, whether it brings you #fashiongoals or childhood nostalgia.


Barbie’s Debut Year: 1959 – Classic Barbie

1959 was Barbie’s debut year – and one of our favorite looks! Barbie was released onto the shelves of toy stores in New York City and retailed for $3.


Photo Jeremy Stylist Susan Job 0845999Photo Credit: The Original Barbie Doll, Mashable


1970s – Max N Mini Barbie

Our girl does not shy away from glamour. This mod look is over the top, just like the 70s!


Max n Mini Barbie_Pinterest
Photo Credit: Maxi N Mini Barbie, LA Times


1980s – Golden Dream Barbie

This gold jumpsuit is everything. Seriously, we’d take to the streets of NYC in this look any day, but not without a fierce blowout first!


Photo Credit: Golden Dream Barbie, Flickr




2000s – 2000 Barbie

Barbie was a showstopper in her turn of the century look with an extravagant red, jewel-embellished mermaid gown.


Photo Credit: Barbie Doll 2000, The Barbie Collection


2010s – Moschino Barbie

This collaboration between Mattel and Moschino Director, Jeremy Scott, is so stylish and fan-tabulous we seriously just can’t even.


Photo Credit: Moschino Barbie, Teen Vogue


Barbie’s 57th birthday – 2016 – Fashionista Barbie

This year, Mattel has introduced Fashionista Barbie that will be available in original, curvy, petite, and tall body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles. These all inclusive Fashionista Dolls will also debut with a ton of different outfits and accessories. Now that’s what we call evolution!


Photo Credit: Fashionista Dolls, Hello Society

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