Let’s face it: The clothes we wear say a lot about who we are. They can show where we’ve been, what we’re drawn to, who we aspire to be. What about the clothing itself? Every piece should tell a story; at Caiazzo, every piece does.

An Italian menswear brand that offers customized suits, Caiazzo upholds the country and culture’s reputation of having the highest quality of tailoring. A true testament to the Made in Italy name. By caring for the product and taking pride in what fashion can offer, Caiazzo is more than a fashion resource; it becomes part of Italian culture.




Caiazzo stands by the idea of quality fashion being a process where the details are embraced, where the goal isn’t just to fit into the mold. The sight of a garment is significant for the brand, from seeing the imperfections at the start to those who gaze upon it once completed. Caiazzo has worked with dozens of high-end designers, including Luigi Borrelli, Sun68 and Gran Sasso.




Sporting fashion that’s totally unique is hard to find, but Caiazzo knows the power of wearing clothing that makes an impression. Honest fashion doesn’t lie in the latest trends or which A-list star was spotted wearing it; at Caiazzo, it comes down to the needle and thread.

Article written by Regina Vilenskaya

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