Whether you’re still on your climb up into the ivory tower of #bosslady status or have already arrived with your team of minions behind you, the rules are pretty much the same. Being the head honcho, it would be sooo tempting to literally boss people around, like toss your coat at your assistants in a grand gesture of arrival in the office, à la Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.” But no, resist the temptation! Instead, follow these tips for becoming the best #girlboss you can be.


THE DEVIL WEARS PRADAPhoto Credit: “The Devil Wears Prada” via Daily Mail


Dress For Success

Whether you are still interning and making coffee runs, or hoping to get that next-level promotion, always dress the part of one who has already succeeded. Regardless of whether you work in fashion or science, you should always look polished and professional, as though you had a very important meeting with the higher ups that day. A person in charge never looks overtly sexy or trendy; she cultivates a careful, unfussy look. Start devising something idiosyncratic that makes you memorable…  something independent of trends that people come to associate with your signature look. It makes people not forget you among a sea of trendy but similar-looking fashionistas. 


girlboss-lookPhoto Credit: Glam Radar


Be Nice

Always treat everyone with kindness, from the doorman to the office manager. Even your fiercest competition.You do not want to have a reputation for being rude, or have anything to come back and haunt you. This does not mean being a doormat. You are still fierce, independent and strong. You just do it gently. It also helps you make contacts and connections for life, to build a large network and community of real people who can come in handy.

Likability also goes a long way in both being promoted to leadership and motivating your team to give their best for you. If you send an underling out for a coffee run, buy one for them, too — or better yet, the whole team! We are not asking you to take them to Le Bernardin.. it’s just iced lattes.


Photo Credit: Founder of NastyGal Sophia Amoruso’s Instagram


Be Strong

Everyone has someone they report to. The big boss lady. The man. We have always found that rather than cowering in fear, we stand up to them as equals. Are you equals? Well, not really. They own the company and have the money. But they hired you for your skill and you provide a service. It’s an exchange. Create a strong sense of self and strong personal boundaries. Also, we demand a certain level of respect from our superiors. And oddly or surprisingly, we found that they end up respecting us and trusting us with more responsibility — simply because we give off that aura of strength and confidence.



This goes hand in hand with being kind. You’re thinking, “Mentoring? I’ve barely graduated college… I’m not old enough to mentor anyone!” Yes, you are. As a #girlboss, you assume a role where others  look to you for guidance. Share what you know, help others where you can. You never know which interns you might end up working with… or for!


Girl Boss 1
Photo Credit: Girl Boss, Two Thirds Hazel


Work Hard

Now is the time in your life when you stay late and put in the extra mile. Netflix can wait. People frequently say, “That’s not my job.” Everything is your job! You do whatever it takes to make the company you work for a success. Plus, you’d be surprised at the skills you learn by doing things outside of your radius of responsibility. To that end, be in the know. Read everything you can get your hands on, so that you know the latest trends in your field before everyone else does. Anticipate.


be-nicePhoto Credit: Etsy


Ask for What You Want

Just ask. Because you deserve it. It’s rare that someone will serve you a raise or promotion on a silver platter. You need to ask for it, and be prepared to say in a nutshell why you think you deserve it.


Be Proactive

Always think like an entrepreneur and devise solutions and innovations. Bring them to the table before you’re being asked.


Sophia-Webster-Boss-Lady-pumpsPhoto Credit: Carpe Diem


Clean Up Your Messses

When you mess up, don’t try to sweep it under the proverbial rug. Fess up and admit it and offer a creative, elegant solution on how to fix the situation. You’ll be respected for it.

Above all, a combination of being your true authentic self coupled with a certain public, professional persona you take on works well in the world of adulting. Step out in the world as the real you, except wearing a mask of impenetrable authority. If you don’t feel it yet, you fake it until you make it. So we’re not saying not to be yourself. We’re just saying that in your capacity as powerful #girlboss, you take on a role that may or may not come naturally. Not every bosslady is a natural-born alpha dog or Type A personality. Even gentle, shy types can wear that glamorous, virtual power suit that gets them to the top and allows them to stay there. Now work it!

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