Every man has a dress shirt, a tie, and a pair of pants in his wardrobe. But it’s the design, tailoring, and taste of these items that present the man. Conte Napoli is a brand made in Italy that specializes in sophisticated menswear. Headquartered in Naples, this family business is expanding throughout the country thanks to its original, high-quality clothes for men. 

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Conte Napoli is the project of two brothers who began by experimenting with designing clothes for themselves from scratch, and went on to develop a collection that became popular across the country. Elegant and with a bit of bravado, each shirt and shoe possess a touch of glamour, which is often lacking in the wardrobe of a man. These clothes are not shy, they are made of bright colors that come alive in soft fabrics such as wool and cashmere. Each item is a piece of craftsmanship.


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Among the upscale staples of this Italian fashion house, they also offer accessories to complete the look: soft cashmere socks, cotton dress pants and leather lace-ups shoes in earthy colors. They have personalized ties containing the logo of the brand, jackets and other luxury items designed for the man who is not content with just throwing something on, but that demands the highest quality and absolute perfection of what he chooses to wear. Nuance is the name of the game for this collection, every item is detailed and specific.

And this is the great meaning behind the entire collection of Conte Naploli: To create refined, tasteful garments that reflect the vision of its creators, to dress an elegant and glamorous man! 

 Article written by Chiara_fua

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