Silvio Staiano received his first watch as a gift when he was 6 years old. He was transfixed by its beauty, but more importantly, how it made him feel. He was, after all, the first to wear a watch in his class at school, a fact that made him feel sharp and distinguished.

This sensation, this awareness of feeling polished, stuck with him for a lifetime. So much so that after making a career for himself in the hospitality industry, he left to design and sell handmade watches in Asperula Stellina, his family’s ceramics shop on the Via Cameralle.

Ceramics had long been the business of the Staiano family, but when Silvio and his sister Alba partnered up to design watches, they combined the handmade Tuscan ceramics of the family business with Murano glass from the most established, high-quality Venetian glass factory. The result is a beautiful, colorful watch that gleams in the sunlight.


Elma Capri 


What makes Capri Watch unique is the care and attention go into each and every resource used, and the fact that each design is a love letter to its home, Capri. The composition of the watches represent symbols and landscapes from the island, and some even depict famous Capri landmarks such as the Natural arch and the Phoenician steps.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.02.51 PMPhoto Credit: Millefiori Blue Turquoise Leather Band, Capri Watch


There are many collections to choose from, for both men and women, from subtle and delicate to bold and flashy designs. The Millefiori collection shown above features skinny leather straps with large, round faces adorned with colorful glass studs, while the Paola collection has thick metallic bands in white or rose gold, using more classic designs for the faces, such as Roman numerals.


capri 1Photo Credit: Paola Gold Rosé, Capri Watch

Time has passed since the initial Capri Watch Collection was launched in the 1990s. Each year the brand grows in name recognition and gains more international clientele. The brothers opened a second store on the island called Ciao Capri, and launched another line called Capri à Porter which expands the brand’s repertoire to bags and accessories.

Capri Watch is more than just an addition to the Made in Italy cannon, it’s about what sets you apart and makes you feel like royalty, and getting in touch with that feeling again and again.

Article written by Alana Fallis

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