March is right around the corner. The days are getting brighter and even a bit warmer. We dream of spring and spring flings. Not all dates take place at night over dinner and drinks, there is a whole different world of dating and that is the daytime date. Daytime dates are great because they tend to be more relaxed. The atmosphere, outfit, and makeup are all a bit breezier. 

Grabbing coffee with a potential partner is great way to get acquainted. I love Variety Coffee in Williamsburg, BK. Variety plays killer music and it’s cozy, but not too quiet. Coffee is less committal than dinner or cocktails, because it probably won’t be a lengthy time commitment, however you still get prime insight into your date’s demeanor. Do they pick up the tab or tip the barista? Do they order something snooty and complicated or complain about the service? Coffee dates are casual, but in the light of day so much is exposed, which can be gratifying. With that being said, your appearance will not go unnoticed.

For this kind of date, it’s important to look super cute yet casual at the same time. A fun-loving dress is a success and I have chosen the Lantern Dress by Samantha Pleet. The shape of the dress, along with the kitschy pattern, expresses style in a lighthearted fashion.


imagePhoto Credit: Lantern Dress, Samantha Pleet


Daytime is perfect for setting the high heels aside and going for something more functional, your feet will thank you. The Twyla-2 by Jeffrey Campbell complements the dress perfectly, and the kitten heel is choice for comfort. Adding a pair of sheer black tights will pull it all together.


twylaPhoto Credit: Twyla-2 in Patent Black, Jeffrey Campbell


Getting your hair and makeup glammed out for the coffee shop is a piece of cake. Men respond well to polished hair; go for something soft and smooth so they can imagine running their hands through it. As far as makeup, keep it fresh. Accentuate your natural features and avoid overdoing it. Go for dewy skin, soft eyes, rosy cheeks and perhaps a light gloss; save the vixen look for the second date. Last but certainly not least, arrive with manicured nails. Holding that coffee cup has never looked better than with a pop of color!

Getting dolled up and getting to know someone over coffee is ideal. You get to see your suitor in action while having the flexibility to leave whenever. If things are going well, the two of you can embark on another activity. If it’s awkward, you can split the scene and seize the day solo…. and since you’re already looking so fly, something fabulous is sure to happen!



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