Paris has always been synonymous with luxury, haute-couture and style. Parisian fashion, which is well represented by two of its fundamental icons, Inès de la Fressange and ex First Lady and model Carla Bruni, is a mixture of elegance, simplicity and refinement that is not found anywhere else in the world.


 Photo Credit: Inès de la Fressange, Man Repeller


 Photo Credit: Carla Bruni, The Fashion Spot


The Parisian look is not very difficult to recreate, but you must be mindful of many small details. Parisian women are feminine and charming, even though often it seems that they barely look in the mirror before leaving the house. The trick is to not look overdone: simple makeup, clean hairstyle, and no ostentatious brands.


Photo Credit:  2W2M
Photo Credit: Lazzari


Pay attention to the length and fit of your pants, as the shape of your shirt should be complementary. If you choose slender skinny jeans such as those above from 2W2M, or the khaki pants from Lazzari (both Italian brands), they should be combined with soft, loose outerwear. The opposite goes if your bottom half has a wider shape, which should be combined with a basic tailored-looking shirt like the one below from Lazzari.


Photo Credit: Lazzari


A striped t-shirt is a must-have (especially during the summer), and for younger women, the signature Parisian thigh-high socks are the classic match to a pleated skirt. Bugie by Coccoli has some cute options to pull off this style. For this look, go with flats (check out Lux Calzature) in suede or patent leather shoes, suitable for any time of day.


Photo Credit: Bugie By Coccoli


 Photo Credit: Lux Calzature


Choose simple accessories like pearls, either in earring or necklace form, and a statement, high-quality handbag from a French designer.

Lastly, go for neutral and dark colors in the winter, and pastel colors for spring and summer. Ban your skin-baring miniskirts and cleavage. Put your hair up in a simple and glamorous chignon.

Keep it modest and simple; think class and elegance. The Parisian woman is not a victim of fashion, she she takes command of what works for her and transforms it into her own unique style.



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