New York Fashion Week is a time to get inspired. Several high-energy days of catwalks and cool street style get people excited for all the fashionable possibilities. Bloggers come face to face with fresh, new content for their next post, while brands find new ways to make a statement in the industry.

On Monday February 15th of Fashion Week, Ombre Digital hosted a night of networking, connecting fashion and lifestyle bloggers with up and coming designers. Among the bloggers at the event, appropriately called Blogger and the Brand, were Lily Levy of Lily Levy Loves, Alana Garcia of YUP NYC and Lorna Ruane of LC’s Closet.


monochromelookPhoto Credit: Christie Ferrari


A portion of the evening featured a panel of speakers who know a thing or two about creating relationships between brands and bloggers. Christie Ferrari of Christie Ferrari said it best when she discussed realness, ie: not publishing picture-perfect photos, rapidly becoming what followers (and brands) are looking for. In a time when airbrushing is on the way down, it’s more organic and effective to have genuine recommendations over high-profile celebrity endorsements. After all, wouldn’t you rather purchase a pair of shoes your friend raved about than splurge on a purse deemed one of Jennifer Lawrence’s favorites?


Slider16-1170x450Photo Credit: NYC Pretty


Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty, a panelist with enough passion and drive to envy, spoke for all bloggers when she stressed the time spent on content and pictures. Behind the finished product is effort and work that often goes unseen. Blogging starts as a passion for many, but can quickly develop as a business and a platform for brands to showcase their products from a creative, personal angle.

The final panelist was Kim Westwood of Shopping Links, an online marketplace helping bloggers and brands connect and collaborate. Westwood gave everyone food for thought when considering partnerships: What is the brand offering? What are the benefits? Is this product what the audience wants? Finding ways to connect the two parties means understanding the brand’s goal and how the blogger can deliver.

From the mood lighting to the fun and classy ambience, Ombre Digital put on an evening that offered quality conversation and meaningful connections. And if there was one thing that was made clear, it’s that Fashion Week extends beyond simply highlighting trends of the seasons ahead. NYC has always represented forward-thinking and bold moves. By connecting writers and their ideas with fashion and its followers, Blogger and the Brand did just that.

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