Now that spring is approaching, it’s time to get to work on regaining the shape we might have lost during the winter. However, it’s still pretty cold out there, so in the event you can’t get motivated to go to a fitness class or gym, you can always get moving without leaving your house. 

Working out at home is a perfectly suitable alternative to going to the gym, especially for those with grueling schedules. All you need is a yoga mat, water, workout clothes, and a pair of sneakers. Oh, and a lot of perseverance and motivation!


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First, get yourself an exercise routine. You might not know here to begin, but it’s really quite simple. A basic workout routine is a series of exercises, each repeated for at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Choose a workout for each part of the body (abs, butt, arms, etc.) that you feel is effective for you, and get moving.

If you need some guidance, look around for an online trainer. By now, there are so many wonderful, free personal trainers out there. Check out the popular picks Kayla Itsines, Shaun T , and Emily Skye. Choose one whose personality you like and has a program in line with your goals. If you’d like to mix it up, most trainers have many different workouts available (toning, weight loss, stretching), so that you can mix and match programs according to how you’re feeling. Finally, find a comfortable, private place in your house (No… not the couch!), with enough space to move around. Now you are ready to get training!


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If you feel you need something with real structure, there’s an app for that. There are thousands of apps available for iPhone and Android, where you can buy a workout program that helps track your daily workouts with clear and easy instructions, at maximum the price of two cups of coffee a day (but usually for free).

We happen to like Freeletics, a special fitness app that offers two programs: a free one, where you can work out to any video at your leisure, and another for $80 per year that sets you up with your own personal trainer, who will guide you step by step towards achieving your goals.


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Another great app to look into is Runtastic. Designed for marathon runners, it also works for beginners or those training for the first time. You set your maximum speed, the desired miles, and your personal fitness level from beginner to advanced. Once you’ve started your run, the app lets you know with a ring or a buzz whenever you’ve hit a target or reached your desired distance.

Additionally, by connecting the app with Spotify, you can select a playlist to keep the rhythm going as you run, and to keep yourself motivated.

You’re out of excuses! It’s time to get back in shape!


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