Fine leather, quality wood, and a bit of creative inspiration.  These are the three main ingredients that make up the bags of Francesca Torsi. This 100% made in Italy brand is based in Naples, was born six years ago, and has been active on the domestic and international markets since 2012.

The leather hides are selected and treated with care during every step of processing by master leatherworkers, while woodworking has long been a passion of the Torsi family. Francesca’s grandfather was a passionate artisan and a restorer of monuments for Naples, and Francesca has managed with effort and dedication to unite these materials to craft her original and creative brand.


Photo Credit: Maori bag, Francesca Torsi


The wood Francesca uses as the base of her bags are the same that are used in the marine industry, extremely malleable. The fretwork (design) is carved, then the leather laid over it and attached. 

Francesca finds her creativity by responding to the way she sees the world. According to the artist, “The entire collection reflects nothing other than what I live in daily life and look like everyone else. Maybe, just differently by everyone.”


Photo Credit: Pochette Brown, Francesca Torsi


Nature, a main source of creative inspiration for Francesca’s creations, is echoed even in the names given to collections. Flowers was born from her love of all things colorful and green, while Waves is inspired by the bright reflective sea, as Francesca grew up near the Gulf of Naples, one of the world’s most beautiful seas. Quilterbag came instead from a challenge with her father, who crafted the quilting of each piece, designing it to look as real as possible.


 Photo Credit: Pochette Fuxia, Francesca Torsi


Francesca Torsi’s bags are real works of art: the fruit of passion, ingenuity and inventiveness. You can find these unique products both in several stores throughout Italy, and around the world, from Dubai to the United Arab Emirates. As Francesca says, “Wherever there is a spirit that understands the artwork that is in my purse, there will be her home regardless of the part of the world in which this House will be.”


 Photo Credit: Quilterbag Black, Francesca Torsi 


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