In recent years there has been much talk of the Hipster phenomenon. This trendy and alternative lifestyle that dates as far back as the 1940s has seen over the last decade a real spread globally, with an emphasis on fashion in certain communities.

Nonconformity and anti-consumerism are the origins of this movement, an image which is often represented by the 30-year-old man with a long beard, jeans, tattoos, Buddy Holly-style glasses, and vintage shop accessories. Traditionally thought of as environmentalists, artistic, and sensitive, hipsters have certain traits that are associated with their philosophies. The fashion community has taken inspiration from this culture, and now there is a typical, contemporary look that is based on the hipster aesthetic.

 pull-bear-man-collection-hipster-premium-autumn-winter-invierno-2012-fashion-trends-modaddiction-10Photo Credit: prodigy


A staple of the hipster image is skinny pants, usually black, hiked up at the bottom to show off the ankle. This gives the shoe a fundamental importance in everyday outfits, and they are a crucial component of this look. What shoes complete a perfect hipster image? 


Eniwhere Fashion - Hipster 04 shoesPhoto Credit: Barracuda


The shoes can be leather and with laces, such as this style from Barracuda, a high quality shoe brand made in Italy. They also offer an army boot version.


Eniwhere Fashion - Hipster 02 shoesPhoto Credit : Barracuda


You can also go for the juxtaposition of a brown suede shoe against an all-black look. Check out these options from Guidomaggi, featuring visible stitching and real leather soles.

Eniwhere Fashion - Hipster 01 shoesPhoto Credit : Guidomaggi


Eniwhere Fashion - Hipster 03 shoes Photo Credit : Guidomaggi


For shirts and jackets, one might look to the world world of vintage and street markets, but the glasses require an attention all their own. The frames would typically be black and quite thick, such as this model from Slave to Ancestors, but you can also check out their website and see which style suits you best.

Eniwhere Fashion - Hipster 06 sunglassesPhoto Credit: Slave to Ancestors


Many speak of an uprising of new styles for men such as Normcore or Merman, but the Hipster aesthetic is too deeply rooted in culture to disappear. You will continue to see him riding his bicycle and bringing us new fashion trends for a long time to come.

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