Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love (or lack thereof) is on the minds of many. This day can be a touchy subject in more ways than one; however, I’d like to focus on the fabulosity factor. Pink, red, hearts, candy, lingerie and flowers— this is a day to rejoice! Whether you’re spending time with your significant other, seeing friends, or flying solo, there’s plenty of love to go around, and celebrating it is essential. 


bbdollPhoto Credit: Mesh Bow Babydoll with G-String, Hanky Panky


The pleasantries of Valentine’s Day are sure to make anyone smile, and this holiday is equal opportunity.

For starters, give yourself a dose of good grooming. Manicures and polished nails are beautifying and make you feel special. Hair removal makes you feel sleek and chic. Regardless of your life and love circumstances, getting polished brings out one’s best characteristics, plus — it’s enjoyable. I have a truly special relationship with my manicurists and hair removal ladies, as they help me look and feel my best.


imagePhoto Credit: L’Agent Idalia Playsuit, Brooklyn Fox


Next on the Valentine’s Day To-Do list is getting fancy in lingerie. Beautiful undergarments and loungewear instantly make you feel like a Queen. Chemises, robes, teddies, and dazzling bra and panties sets bring out your most capable self: brave and ready for anything. There are so many options that can reflect your personality or mood. Sexy, sweet, sultry, fierce, stylish… you name it, there is lingerie to reflect it. Some brands I love to shop include Brooklyn Fox, Dottie’s Delights, Lucy B, and Hanky Panky. Regardless of what else you’re wearing, include pretty undergarments in your ensemble and notice how it elevates the mood.


imagePhoto Credit: Kitten Bra and Panties, Lucy B


Valentine’s Day is about love. Love and acceptance for yourself allows you to love others. Looking and feeling like a babe adds an element of freedom and excitement that opens your heart more. Single or taken, your status doesn’t have to dictate the fun of February 14th. Buy fresh flowers for your home to bring some positive energy to any room. Throw on your best lingerie to exude confidence and sex appeal. Indulge in some candy with those perfectly polished fingernails, and most importantly… simply love the ones you’re with.


dressing robePhoto Credit: Short Sheer Dressing Robe, Dottie’s Delights

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