For some, February 14th will be filled with champagne and roses signed with “I love you”, while others will spend the night snuggled up to their very own personal box of chocolates and a Kate Hudson film. Due to the influx of pink and specials on chocolate in your local CVS, it’s easy to chalk Valentine’s Day up to being solely a “Hallmark Holiday.” However, when stripped down, it’s a time for love, whether appreciated alone or shared with someone else.


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I surveyed real women to hear about the not-so-glamorous side of Valentine’s Day. Even for those with a sweetheart, it’s not always a night you want to remember. Below are a few Valentine’s day moments that will make you cringe and giggle.

Emily, a Cali chick, told me about her on again/off again (currently on) long-distance boyfriend, Jake. “The past three years I’ve spent my Valentine’s Day alone in front of a computer. It sometimes makes me sad, but even having him on video to celebrate still means something to me!” She has a positive attitude about those Valentine’s Days spent over Skype, but her worst one was the time they broke up earlier that week. She tried to focus on having a fun night making dinner with girlfriends, but at the end of the night after a few glasses of wine, she found herself hiding in her friend’s bathroom scrolling through photos of her and Jake and crying.

Love is love, and she says when the same city falls into place, so will they. Maybe this Valentine’s Day will find Emily sitting across from Jake at a fancy restaurant in a new dress, enjoying their night together.


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Dalia, a daring gal from D.C., decided to mix things up with her boyfriend on their first Valentine’s Day together. They agreed that they would both wear their sexiest underwear for each other. Dalia went all out and bought a racy matching zebra print set, ready to surprise her boyfriend, Heath. On their romantic night, he decided to play a joke on her and revealed a bright pink pair of women’s underwear!  Dalia couldn’t recover from the giggles and the night took an awkward and embarrassing turn.

They decided to opt out on the surprises in the future.

Marna, a Boston babe, took us back to a high school Valentine’s Day during her junior year.  Heartbreak was to be expected, because she “wasn’t technically dating” Andrew. The two would go out pretty often, and Marna was waiting for him to make the big move. When Valentine’s Day arrived, Andrew asked if he could drop something off at Marna’s house. She was excited for whatever grand romantic gesture was to come, but the love bubble quickly popped when Andrew arrived at her door with an envelope with her friend’s name on it. He said he was too nervous to give it to her himself and asked Marna to deliver it. Insult to injury: Marna didn’t have a license yet and her mom’s boyfriend had to drive her.

Marna recovered, and Andrew and her friend are actually still dating, years later!


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Even if your Valentine’s Day isn’t what you imagined… those not-so-perfect moments can either make your relationship stronger, help you to realize you’re with the wrong person, or just make for a funny story later on! We hope you get all the chocolate you desire this VDay…but most importantly, spend it with someone you care about. On the other hand it’s not a bad night to be single…have a romantic bubble bath for one, a long overdue girl’s night in, or a big night out that might just lead to your next Valentine… 


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