Taking yourself on a date may sound unusual, however it’s usually a refreshing and enjoyable experience. There are probably countless places you’d like to go but you haven’t gotten around to coordinating a trip with your friends. Well, get glam and go for it…and fly solo. Alone time is often spent in the comfort of our own home, but getting out of our comfort zone opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Although you may not be accustomed to going on activities by yourself, the only thing you need is a destination you want to see and an extraordinary ensemble to see it in! 

Going to a museum or an art exhibition not only opens the mind, it builds character and culture. When heading out for an adventure I find that a spectacular outfit contributes to the overall experience. In our modern world, dressing casual is not only accepted, it’s embraced. On the other hand, dressing up, especially during the day, has the power to make you feel remarkable. For a day in the arts I’ve chosen the Brown Ecoliere Dress by L’ecole Des Femmes, it has a studious yet sexy feel.


imagePhoto Credit: L’ecole Des Femmes


Althought the dress is brown, try pairing it with black tights and black shoes such as the Carlotta Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell. The black accessories keep it chic.


imagePhoto Credit: Jeffrey Campbell


The appropriate outerwear for this look is essential, because the wrong coat will hide the fabulous dress and totally destroy the vibe. A vintage cape will solidify the entire image, I suggest this one from Cloak and Dagger NYC. 


imagePhoto Credit: Cloak and Dagger


Although this outfit is sure to turn heads on its own, out of sight hair and makeup is key. Since the clothing is quite polished, I believe a natural hair texture is the way to go– slightly undone. Lastly, keeping the makeup simple with a bold lip and a set of crimson nails will seal the deal.

Doing an activity such as this alone allows you to fully take in the atmosphere without the distractions and influences of others. A striking appearance gives you the inner strength to seize the day, and the possibilities for what can happen are endless. I’ve noticed that when I’m alone I often find myself engaging with new people, and I feel very energized and present. Taking yourself out can be a beautiful experience, and isn’t that what life is all about? Find opportunities to see the beauty in the world and in ourselves.


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