The refinement of the Italian style has no exceptions.

Year after year, the fashion born under the Made in Italy name delights us with its sophisticated and forward-thinking designs, always setting new trends for the year ahead by producing classic, well-made, stylish garments. An up and coming brand that lives up to this reputation is Icone Haute Couturewhich is bringing the trademark Italian elegance to women’s fashion through its brand new collection.


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Icone Couture is an innovative mix of street style and allure, presenting elegant, well-tailored clothes. In its latest creations, the brand uses fabrics like velvet, lace, fur, and leather, with a base of classic black, and then pops of bright colors in its palette such as red, blue, and hints of yellow and gray. The end result transmits an energy that is perfectly suited to the image of the modern, courageous, and enterprising woman.


Photo Credit:   StyleBlend


The women who wear Icone fit in perfectly in a bustling big city such as NY or Milan, where it’s always important to look impeccable, both when at the office or socializing with friends.


Photo Credit:  StyleBlend


Icone’s latest collection will make any woman feel sensual and feminine. No matter where you live or where you are going, you can always have the poise and finesse of Made in Italy at your fingertips.


Photo Credit: StyleBlend

Editor: Giulia Catani

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