There is no place that does opulence and luxury quite like Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its buzzing neon lights, Elvis impersonators, gambling, nightlife and world-class DJs, this town is the epitome of high-roller status. From world-class restaurants to multi-thousand dollar suites, Las Vegas is ahead of the game in luxury and over-the-top experiences. As aspiring Vegas high-rollers, we have set our sights on some of the most luxurious hotels and suites in Vegas that should be added to any other wannabe big-spender’s list of places to stay and play! Viva Las Vegas!


Caesar’s Palace

caesars-palace-1Photo Credit: Genuine Access


At the top of our list of the most extravagant hotels in Vegas is Caesar’s Palace. Thanks to The Hangover, we all know about the villas at Caesar’s Palace, but the most luxurious of them all is a Vegas secret named Nobu. This Japanese-inspired villa is 10,300 sq feet complete with three bedrooms, personal chefs, a private sauna, billiards room, and art gallery. But it doesn’t stop there- the Nobu Villa Sky Deck lounge boasts some of the best views overlooking the strip, and includes a private rooftop Zen garden with an Italian whirlpool. Sound fancy? It gets better.

Caesar’s Palace is home to the Qua Baths & Spa, which has won numerous awards, and offers specialty world class spa treatments including an Arctic Ice Room complete with falling snow! Caesar’s is also home to the upscale FIZZ champagne bar that is furnished (and frequently visited) by Sir Elton John’s personal collection of fashion and avant-garde photography.


 0x600-1Photo Credit: Nobu Villa Sky Deck, Forbes 


The Cosmopolitan


Cosmo poolPhoto Credit: The Cosmopolitan


A newer hotel, The Cosmopolitan is in a class all its own. The Cosmopolitan is known for its Chandelier made of hundreds of thousands of crystal beads illuminated through light fixtures, which expands three levels. What’s even better than a 3 level chandelier? The Cosmo’s Bungalow Suites, that’s what! These three-level poolside suites overlook the Cosmo’s Marquee Dayclub and Vegas sights. They feature secluded patios, grand living rooms, luxurious bedrooms, and a private terrace with outdoor kitchenette, bar, and private heated plunge pool. Don’t miss the Chandelier’s bars where you can sip signature cocktails inside of the chandelier. 


The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas NVPhoto Credit: The Cosmo Chandelier, Flickr


Bungalow Cosmo 3Photo Credit: Cosmo’s Bungalow Suites, The Cosmopolitan


Encore at The Wynn


Wynn Encore Vegas OnlinePhoto Credit: Vegas-Online


Next on our list is the Encore with the Encore Tower Three-Bedroom Duplex. This 5,829 sq ft suite has floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding most rooms for complete views of the Vegas strip and skyline. With three bedrooms, a billiards room, private massage and exercise room, living and dining room, this suite is two levels and even has an elevator! Included in the suite is an on call butler, daily access to the spas and pool with cabana, priority dining and spa reservations, and expedited entry to one of the four nightclubs on its property. The Spa at Encore is a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star level of excellence winner and features a serene environment complete with designer treatment rooms and top-notch massages. 


Villa EncorePhoto Credit: Encore Tower Suite, The Wynn


Spa at EncorePhoto Credit: The Spa at Encore, Encore at The Wynn




Belllagio_Travel OnlinePhoto Credit: Travel Online


Last on our list is the classic Bellagio. The Villas at Bellagio are offered to only select guests and are kept hush-hush. They are extremely private, lavish estates designed with a classic European flair that span up to 8,000 sq ft for two bedrooms and up to seven bathrooms! They feature in-suite gyms, a massage room, dry sauna, private hair salon, private kitchen, formal dining room, and private terrace garden and pool. The Bellagio’s Suites are a step below the Villas, yet still offer the utmost opulence with breathtaking views of the famed fountains and Vegas strip. The Bellagio also showcases a fine art collection, seasonal floral displays in the Conservatory, and of course has the always impressive fountain show hourly. 


Bellagio SuitePhoto Credit: Bellagio Suite, Bellagio


Bellagio VillaPhoto Credit: Private Villa Terrace, Bellagio

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