Now is the time of the year when you want to spend the whole day at home, under the covers with your favorite heating pad, drinking a hot chocolate. Unfortunately, January is the month of cold, snow and frost. And your body doesn’t seem to like it, especially your lips.

You wake up each morning with the Sahara Desert on your lips, as if you spent the night with a hair dryer blowing heat directly on your face. Does it have to be like that? How is it possible that all the other women you see have beautiful lips, ready to be kissed, especially without those unsightly dry flakes?

Perhaps they know some simple and easy measures to keep a healthy, hydrated smile, even in the winter. Do you really want to arrive on Valentine’s Day chapped and dry? We don’t think so! Follow this guide, and soon your pucker will be perfect!

If you absolutely can’t give up lipstick as a part of your morning makeup routine, before applying take a small intermediate step: Take a towel, immerse it in hot water, and move in a circular motion over the surface of your face. Be sure not to rub, but to massage, performing a light scrub.

Dry your lips carefully and apply a generous amount of Fresh, a lip balm made from peppermint and wild mango, which moisturizes your lips throughout the day, allowing you to have a healthy and radiant look.

Finally, apply a beautiful lipstick matte to intensify the effect.


SB4Photo Credit: Fresh


Before you go to sleep at night, you are used to taking care of face and hands, do the same treatment for your lips, as well. It’s during the night that the body tends to get rid of excess water, dehydrating your mouth more quickly.

Try this: Pour extra virgin olive oil into a bowl, and dab it onto your lips using your finger, as if to put on lipstick. Dry out the excess, and add Burt’s Bees lip balm, made with honey and coconut butter. It promises a complete makeover of your lips, in less time than a kiss. Who knows, maybe tonight a prince will come!


SB3Photo Credit: Burt’s Bees


If your level of dehydration is really serious with little red cuts and cracks, then you will need to prevent the situation from getting worse.

In the evening, boil some water and drop in a teaspoon of chamomile herb, letting it infuse while the water cools down. Once ready, wet a cotton ball with the mixture and let it moisturize onto your lips completely. If you don’t have time for a real lip regimen, try Lip Service, the cult favorite lip balm by LUSH, specially formulated for those in need of repair. With honey and mint, this product is triple action: it moisturizes, soothes and protects.


SB2Photo Credit: LUSH


May your lips always be ready and perfect for a kiss!

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