A vacation should always be an unforgettable experience, whether it’s an international adventure with a backpack and a free spirit, or a relaxing beach stay, free from all the stress of normal life and work.

When you picture your perfect vacation, do you picture your technology being a part of it? How about a surreal journey through the most beautiful places in the world aboard a cruise ship, with all of your favorite comforts at your fingertips? Sounds almost like a dream! 


Photo Credit: Msc Crociere


This might actually be the way of the future, now that Italian company MSC Cruises has joined forces with Samsung, a leader in the world of technology. 7 new cruise ships are in development that will be built over the next few years that will be equipped by Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, big screens in public areas and digital TVs in all cabins.

MSC, based in Switzerland, is the largest cruise company in the world and a popular market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa, offering cruise vacations among destinations like Mediterranean beaches, the Caribbean, the French Antilles, Abu Dhabi and Oman.


Photo Credit: Vimar


What makes MSC stand out is its attention to detail, focus on customer service, and most importantly – commitment in caring for the environment. It was the first company to receive the 7 Golden Pearls award from the Bureau Veritas, for its efforts in environmental protection, and also partnered with UNICEF in 2009 in support of feeding children around the world.


Photo Credit: Sciamaninviaggi


All cruises offer the opportunity to make new discoveries, relax and have fun. But what makes MSC different is its refined and elegant character. The arrival of these new ships will mark the beginning of a different way to travel: comfortable, high-quality, and technologically- savvy. These vacations are for those who seek total relaxation, an environment full of great food, impeccable service, style, and entertainment.

You just have to choose your destination. A fantastic and immersive trip will be waiting for you on board! 

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