Lets face it, in today’s culture social media is reality. From networking to dating to staying in touch, a moderate portion of life is lived through the internet. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tinder, people are watching you.  This means you are being seen, and even judged, by your various social media profiles. Your profile picture is your first impression, and if this photo doesn’t make the cut then click-click, onto the next.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get that captivating profile picture to best represent yourself. For starters, the photo needs to appear professionally taken. The lighting, angle, and background should be on point and you need to look spectacular. The style of photo can reflect your lifestyle. Working in beauty, I prefer a headshot, as it displays my hair and make-up. It literally puts my best face forward. On the other hand, a professional guitarist may want a full body shot, showcasing them in action.


imageMyles Ellison – Model, NYC


Polished hair and makeup are the most important factors in the photo. Essentially, there is no right or wrong. It’s more about looking your best rather than a particular style such as curly vs. straight. The same goes for makeup. As long as you appear fresh and the color combination is attractive, it’s all up to you. The last part of the look is what you wear and once again, choosing something that looks rad and is unique to your lifestyle is what it’s all about. Maybe you’re in a punk band and choose a vintage tee, or perhaps you’re in marketing and go for a nice, conservative blouse. The point is to look striking and everyone achieves that in a different way, so just go for it. And if you don’t know how…ask someone with good taste!


imagePeter Vogl – Musician, NYC


Once you are outfitted in killer threads and your hair and face are fabulous, you can focus on the actual photo. For an irresistible profile picture, all you need is a good background, a charming facial expression, and favorable body language. When you’re alone you can practice smiling in the mirror so you have an idea how to pose for photos, this is also a good way to get to know yourself.


imageKate Chiplinksky – DJ, NYC


With modern technology it’s quite simple to achieve the snapshot of your dreams. Since most of us are constantly taking pictures, rarely do we need to call on a professional. Next time you happen to be looking extra special, go ahead and capture the moment. The same goes for being somewhere with an interesting backdrop, if it seems picturesque then take a few pictures. 


imageChelsea Skidmore – Comedian/Writer,  L.A.


Having a good pool of photos to choose from is great, however I don’t suggest posting right away. When you have some time, evaluate each picture and choose the best one. It’s important to add the correct filters and cropping tools that take the photo from extra to extraordinary. Avoid picking an image that has extraneous people or things in the background as it takes the focus off of you. Lastly, do not settle upon a selfie! We all indulge in selfies, but this is your profile picture, your first impression, and it has to be taken more seriously than a snapshot of oneself out of boredom. 


imageGeorgeana Crespo – owner of Plasticage Shop Vintage, NYC


Whether its dating, networking, or just your latest default, we all have the best intentions on the internet and an appropriate profile picture is the beginning.

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