If there is something that won’t ever go out of fashion, it’s fashion!

The fashion of the past always makes a reappearance at some point, taking up space in the windows of the trendiest clothing stores with its colorful and extravagant styles, and piquing the interest of millions of girls and young women. Vintage clothes have magic because they can help you time travel. They bring you back to the past, from the ’20s to the ’90s, and can help you feel like a woman from another era.

Don’t be worried if your mom, your sister or your grandma threw everything away, because New York City has all the vintage that you need!

Here’s where you can find the best pieces:


1- New York Vintage


nycPhoto Credit: New York Vintage Instagram

Located in the heart of Chelsea, New York Vintage offers a wide selection of vintage clothing and accessories. It’s the ideal place to find the perfect gala dress, also because it’s one of the most loved vintage shops by celebrities!

(117 West 25th Street, New York)


2- Nomad Vintage


NomadVintageClothing1Photo Credit: Stylelikeu


We are always in the heart of Manhattan, but this time in the East Village, where among its and alternative rock n’ roll streets there is a shop called Nomad Vintage. Open since 2013, here you will find a great selection of clothes, shirts, coats and jackets. There is also a selection of carefully curated vintage shoes, jewelry and accessories.

(208 East 6th Street, New York)


3- JB b.o.r.n. Vintage Fashion


fecd56_b01b9820098f4858b9b29a87acb8682dPhoto Credit: Jbborn


The lighted windows of this store will catch your attention if you are taking a stroll through Harlem. The owner, Jonathan Bodrick, thought to arrange a meeting between vintage and modern, and after a tour through his vision, you will not leave without a classic Chanel or a vintage dress by Dior.

(57 East 125th Street, New York)


4- L train Vintage


IMG_0009_1_largePhoto Credit: L Train Vintage


L Train Vintage became so popular that after its first shop opened in 1999, the company decided to open another six in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For the passionate of saving on secondhands, these are the perfect shops!

In Brooklyn: L Train Vintage, LTV on Dekalb AveUrban Jungle Vice Versa

In Manhattan: No RelationVillage Style  


5- Pippin Vintage Jewelry


slide3Photo Credit: Pippin Vintage


For those who seek vintage jewelry, this treasure island in the heart of Chelsea is the best spot for earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, watches and everything that glitters in history!

(112 West 17th Street, New York)


These are only some of the vintage shops the Big Apple has to offer, and you want to find more, you just have to stroll through the streets of this great city, and you’ll find all the vintage you could possibly want!

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