What once was considered a sloppily thrown together fad, is a trendy look to try this season. The torn and tattered tees and jeans are a thing of the past, and have been replaced by a more modern day grunge. With its structured leather, mannish shoes, tailored outerwear and dark denim, the new approach is a tad more polished, a pinch more sophisticated, and with tons more layers.

During the Fall/Winter 2015 RTW fashion shows there were many designers who opted for the modern day grunge look, Coach 1941 being one my faves from the various weeks. The collection was well balanced, equally grunge and chic. Each model was a rebel in their own way, without appearing as though they tried too hard. Between the slick hair and the low toned make-up, the looks were a total hit!  There were many pieces waiting to be incorporated into your wardrobe; a leather jacket, cigarette pants and a mini skirt, black bandanas, mid calf boots with fur, a leather vest with fur accents and a sheer overlay maxi skirt. 


modern day grungePhoto Credit: Coach 1941 via Vogue


Of course, the look trickled down from runway to street style, as seen on the fashionista below during New York Fashion Week. From the skull cap with lace underlay to the over-sized clutch and leopard print tights, she’s doing everything right. The key with this trend to look as if you grabbed a few pieces from your closet, that just so happen to sort of work well together, and make it work.


modern day grunge           Photo Credit: Pop Sugar


The switch of a few accessories or choosing a coat a size or two too large can put you on the grunge track. Here are few key pieces to help you take your modern day grunge look to the next level!



modern day grunge1. Midway by Jeffrey Campbell – 2. Bauble Bar Regent Ring Quad – 3. JACHS Girlfriend Maxine Indigo Dress – 4. Thome Browne Tartan Crop Top – 5. Thome Browne Silk Shirt – 6. Shashi Ball Jacket Earring – 7. Bauble Bar Phase Collar – 8. band.do Sonny & Cher Sunnies – 9. Re/Done Black High Rise Ankle Crop


If you’re not sure how to incorporate this look into your style, head on over to Pinterest for some inspiration. After a quick 30 minutes (if such a thing is possible), you’ll connect with a few pins that speak to you.

Give it a try! And don’t forget to comment with your favorite grunge pieces below! 

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