When you think of dressing for the winter, you probably imagine a fluffy cashmere scarf and an angora coat complete with a fur hat. You wouldn’t remotely consider the possibility of wearing silk, for example. Today we want to change your mind about some fabrics which, despite being very light and and associated with the warmer seasons, when worn in the right way can be also suitable for cold winter nights.



This is a lightweight fabric that is typically used in shirts. Thanks to its woven thread, as the French name “fil a fil”– meaning “thread to thread” suggests, it can be suitable for any season from winter to summer! You can find a wide selection of these tailored shirts made in Italy by Dei Borboni.


fil a filPhoto Credit: In Lombardia



Neoprene, originally called “duprene”, is a porous rubber characterized by flexibility and strength. It is soft and smooth to the touch, and it lends itself to being printed and dyed, as well as creating a great mix and match with rich fabrics such as chiffon, lace and even silk. These qualities have allowed neoprene to make the leap from a basic fabric to the most coveted luxury items A bag is a perfect neoprene accessory that can be used in the wintertime. Leghilà is a great brand where you can find some unmissable neoprene bags in a variety of styles.


leghila_design_competitor_2Photo Credit: Leghilà




The Merino sheep produces some of the best wool in the world, characterized by its top-tier comfort. It’s a fairly lightweight fabric, great for something like a long-sleeved shirt, like the one below proposed by Oscalito with delicate, see-through detailing. This is a perfect choice for the office, with its light and thin texture it’s able to keep you warm without making you sweat.


Photo Credit: Oscalito



A lightweight and soft fabric by definition, we wish to dress ourselves in silk all year round. The best way to wear silk in the wintertime is just select it in underwear garments such as the Twin-set by Simona Barbieri. This slip makes you feel wrapped in a layer of softness, but at the same time, makes you feel sensual, like a woman with a secret.


6329_01_HIGHPhoto Credit: Twin-set by Simona Barbieri



Stylish, thicker, and therefore heavier than silk, satin can be chosen during the winter in evening dresses for important events, such as this one by Rapsodia in Nero.


34539772pn_14_fPhoto Credit: Yoox




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