At least 5 times a day I wonder, “Where are my glasses?” At times, they’re hidden in some odd spot that I swear I didn’t leave them, but they’re usually obliviously positioned right where they belong, on my face. My eyesight is not awful, but the day I found out I needed glasses I smiled from ear-to-ear. Sure, glasses were once a symbol of all things nerdy, but as of late, glasses make a more profound fashion statement. They’ve morphed into a stylish accessory, and when worn, exude much power. 


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No one is pretending to have 20/20 vision any more, even some of the most well-known women in the world have given up the facade. 


Glasses Make A StatementPhoto Credit: Lupito Nyong’o, Prime Beauty Mag; Anne Hathaway, Cosmopolitan; Zoe Salana, Uptown Magazine


Like the cool kids, you can totally rock the look without being prescribed a pair of specs. Almost any retail establishment offers some kind of clear framed glasses in addition to their normal inventory. The only question is, how do you choose the perfect pair for your face? 


Glasses Make A Statement: Finding Glasses That Fit Your Face


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Round: The best pair for you are square shaped frames. On the other hand, you want to avoid small and round frames, as they’ll make your face appear more circular. 


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Heart Shaped: To take the attention away from your pointed chin, try a pair of oval shaped or rimless glasses. If your forehead is the area you want to take attention away from, go for a pair of wayfarers.


Glasses Make A StatementPhoto Credit: Mulberry Street and The Ridgeway, Eyefly


Square: To give you a softer look, you should opt for round frames. Square frames should be avoided as they’ll add to the strong lines of your face. 


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Oval: For those with oval shaped faces, congrats! You can practically wear any frame of choice. You will want to keep in mind the size of the frame, as an oversized frame will swallow your face and distract rather than enhance. 


Photo Credit: Via Dolorosa, Eyefly


Regardless of the shape of your face, if you’re an A-list celeb, or a total dork, glasses are the perfect way to make a statement. Once you’ve found your perfect pair, share them with us on IG @styleblendmag

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