Dealing with a tie is not as simple as it might seem. One must know how to coordinate the color, choose the right width and length, and above all else: must know how to tie a tie! Believe it or not, not all men know how to knot a tie, and the ones who do rarely go beyond the standard style. However, there are many different kinds of knots, and choosing the right one can put the final finishing detail on the look you’re going for. 

Here are some of the most popular knot options, with the help of photos and tutorials from Damiano Presta, an Italian brand that has made ties of the greatest Italian fashion houses, and whit is collection “Sette Pieghe Damiano Presta”,  the brand created a very success of the Made in Italy.


Simple knot or Four in Hand

This is the knot that most men can pull off, because it is the easy to do and it works with any kind of tie and shirt. This style is suitable for occasions that are not too formal. The Four in Hand knot is small, asymmetrical, and perfect for men of all sizes.


nodotiroaquattroPhoto Credit: Chris Neel


Photo Credit: Fotomodello 


Pratt knot

Like the Four in Hand knot, the Pratt knot is simple, but more elegant and sophisticated. This knot is symmetrical, tight, and doesn’t require many steps; ideal to wear with silk ties.


nodoprattPhoto Credit: Chris Neel
Photo Credit: Ardenreed


Half Windsor knot

Larger than the first two, and better for more formal occasions. It’s like the Windsor knot (below), but you have the ability to adjust the size of the knot, helping to flatten a too wide tie or to give volume to a narrow tie. Suitable for both open-neck shirts and classic collared shirts.


nodomezzowindsorPhoto Credit: Chris Neel
Photo Credit: Skinnyties  


Windsor knot

Reputedly the knot for special occasions, it’s also used as the standard model on how to tie a tie in the Italian military world. Characterized by a triangular, large, symmetrical shape, this knot involves seven steps and looks especially good paired with open-necked shirts.


nodowindsorPhoto Credit: Chris Neel
Photo Credit:  Nodocravatta


How to choose the tie for you:

  • Complement the shirt: The tie must be completely in contrast or blend with the color of the dress or shirt, making white a frequent go-to option.
  • Width: The perfect width is between 3 – 3.5 inches, except for mesh ties whose width varies from 2 to 2.5 inches.
  • Length: Do not make the mistake of your tie falling longer than your shirt! 



Loosen the knot and show the button. This can not only be viewed as sign of being disrespect, but it’s just plain sloppy.

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