It’s 2016 and you’re feeling ambitious. This is the year that you are going to take that trip you’ve always wanted, get the raise you deserve, and most importantly, get your body in tip-top shape. Maybe you’re thinking personal trainer, a gym membership, or starting a hot yoga challenge. Whatever you decide, I fully support you. As an avid exerciser, I have a breezy take on lasting health and naturally, I believe it’s important to look cute in the process.

Exercise is easy. So often, I see people taking on grandiose commitments to getting in shape, but rarely do I see it last. Starting with attainable fitness goals is key! I propose three to four workouts a week, and if in the process you feel compelled to do more, go for it. Cardio, strength training, and stretching are the essentials, and for most people, these three components cover all the bases of fitness. So whether its a walk/jog outside, an exercise class, or a good old fashioned treadmill session and weights, you are only one workout away from the new you.

Getting in shape is exciting when you look good doing so. Stylish yet workable fitness clothing make you feel more motivated to get moving, and who knows – maybe you will even meet a special someone while you’re at it. There are all different styles of athletic gear to choose from, however, selecting what looks best on your body type is essential. Hard Tail  Forever has some fabulous options for workout gear.


hoodiePhoto Credit: Atheana Jacket, Hart Tail Forever


I usually go for a sweatsuit, its a very retro-chic look for the gym. I like traditional-style sweatpants with a matching hoodie, and I pair this with a fitted graphic tee of my liking. Besides being comfortable, this exercise ensemble is totally babe-worthy. It has a jazzy feel, and I often notice men at the gym checking out my rad t-shirts. I believe the gym is a fabulous place to meet someone. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.09.49 AMPhoto Credit: Ankle Pants, Hard Tail Forever


Lastly is the beauty aspect of your athletic outfit. I recommend working out fresh faced, without make-up. It clogs your pores to sweat with make-up on, and it looks a bit out of place anyway. Keep your face bare, but curl your lashes and add some lip moisturizer. Most likely, you’ll be wearing your hair up, so choose a style that bests suits you. Think braid, bun, high or low pony tail, select your sexiest, and voila! 

With the right outfit, getting fit has never been so fun. When you look good, you feel good, as inner and outer beauty are deeply connected. January is the time to make goals of all kinds, and sticking with them is what builds self-esteem and that “new you” you’ve been thinking of. With your sassy new workout ensemble, you are certainly on the way to a sexier body, and perhaps you will meet that “Mr. Right” in the process…


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