There is nothing more daunting than the prospect of changing all of your habits overnight once the new year comes. One way to make it a little easier for yourself is to prepare ahead of time. While you are trying to get your healthy habits in check, you don’t have to become a chef right away. Start simple by making easy, good for you meals that you can grab and eat on the go.

While rushing around to get ready for your day, breakfast can be the hardest meal to make time for. What could possibly sound better than a breakfast cookie? Now, this isn’t your typical chocolate chip cookie; with whole wheat pastry flour, ground flax and oats these are easy to make and good for you. You may never buy a granola bar again. 


Photo Credit: How Sweet Eats


Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats has tons of recipe ideas that are both hearty and good for you (with a little bit of bad for you thrown in for good measure). Grab one of these breakfast cookies for the road and feel treated to a full belly for your morning commute.

Pinterest did for mason jars what Dita Von Teese did for winged liner. Whether it’s craft cocktails, homemade jam or a bud vase, mason jars are as adorable as they are portable. The perfect way to use this charming portability to your advantage is to make up some mason jar salads for the week. Pull together all of your favorite ingredients at home and layer them up to take with you, to reduce the temptation to hop out for that sad $12 salad drenched in dressing.


Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess


Start with the sturdiest and heartiest ingredients at the bottom, along with the dressing, and build up to the more delicate ingredients to make sure nothing winds up soggy by lunchtime. Check out some more examples here.

Sometimes the hardest meal to get behind is dinner. After a full day of doing whatever it does that pays your rent, making a full meal can be asking a lot. It’s best to take some time on Sunday to prepare some meals in advance, to have ready for the nights when all you can bear to do is reach into the freezer for that leftover ice cream and a camp out on the couch in front of Netflix.

All you need to fix this one is an avocado, a couple of eggs, some parmesan cheese, and a slice or two of toast. Split the avocado in half and place into a nice small ramekin or baking bowl (or wrap it in tinfoil if you don’t have time for the fancy stuff). Crack the egg into the hole where the pit lived, top with salt, pepper and, cheese and bake at 425° until the eggs are cooked the way you like them (over easy would be about 17-20 minutes).


Photo Credit: That Food Cray


Simply spread on toast and enjoy. With that 20 minutes you can take a shower or get your glass of wine ready.

Once you have a game plan, finding ways to keep your meals in check is pretty easy and super satisfying. Get prepared, make a shopping list and get your new year going strong.

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