The iPhone and iPad have both had their moments, and now it’s the Apple watch’s time to shine. Thanks to the gadget’s latest technology, you can now monitor recording and manage the settings of your GoPro camera right on your Apple Smartwatch.

The most famous action cam in the world has just released a new update for its app that allows you to have a preview of the images that you’re recording constantly available on your Apple Watch. And that’s not all.


Photo Credit: GoPro


You can also start or stop recordings, take pictures and change shooting modes directly on the screen. A real convenience if you want to leave your GoPro wherever you’d like, but control it as if you had it in your hands!


apple-watch-goproPhoto Credit: Utopia People


Moreover, recently the GoPro SEO has announced the impending arrival of Karma, the first drone produced by the Californian company. They have declared a 2016 release without committing to a specific time frame, although enthusiasts are expecting an exciting presentation at CES in Las Vegas, the largest technology exhibition in the world.

Watching the teaser published in October, it seems that this 4K camera and stabilizer does not require much post-production editing by the user. This latest app update gives you the convenience of having a camera at your disposal without having to hold it, and the immense advantage of being able to follow a subject in real time.

Not a day passes without news for the Apple Watch, which after a lukewarm release, is gaining the interest of the most important companies in the tech world. In this case, a partnership with GoPro, meaning that users will have increased reason for wearing an accessory that is something more than simply a watch. It’s the time to say it: The future is now.


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